Different Coffee Drinks Explained



Latte ArtDrinking coffee is starting become a trend nowadays. Coffee as big a part of Malaysia morning culture as black coffee those day and now, white coffee everywhere. With the invention of specialty coffee shop, even in rural area, you still can enjoy perfect cup of coffee. You don’t have to get the same black coffee or milk coffee every time. Learn the difference between various coffee drinks so you can impress your barista.

Ristretto: It’s a shot of espresso. This is a wonderful Italian coffee drink. Really only for hardcore coffee-drinkers but you can use it to impress your friends at the cafe.

Cafe Latte: Cafe Latte is a translation from French’s word cafe au lait, or coffee with milk. Latte is an Italian word for lait or milk. It differs from Cappuccino at the terms Cafe Latte is a coffee with more steamed milk than milk foam. In Italian you have to mention the full name Cafe Latte to order this drink, because when you said “Latte” that means you order a glass of milk. Espresso to milk with a 1:5 ratio. The foam allows baristas to make latte art which is done either by carefully pouring the milk, or simply drawing on the foam.

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Cafe Mocha: Cafe Mocha is a coffee with chocolate syrup and milk. This is American invention that inspired by Italian based espresso drink called Bicerin. It typically consists of one third espresso and two thirds steamed milk, and a portion of chocolate syrup and a cream on top of the drink. A latte with chocolate on top. Usually in the form of syrup.

Cappuccino: Cappuccino got its name from the color of Capuchin monk wardrobe, a Catholic order who wear brown cappuccio, an Italian word means hood. Its light brown color made from the combination of steamed milk and milk foam on top of the espresso.

Cortado: A stronger version of a latte, usually without foam. The ratio of espresso to hot milk is 1:1 or 1:2.

Flat White: A latte with texturized milk instead of foam or steamed milk. The milk is poured from the bottom of the jug allowing a velvety texture and less of a milky taste.

Americano: Hot water with a shot of espresso.

Red Eye: A cup of drip coffee with a shot of espresso. Named for its high caffeine to keep you up. Also known as a “Shot in the Dark.” A double shot in the coffee is known as a “Black Eye” and a triple shot is a “Green Eye.” They are not as popular because people prefer to not have their eyes blow out.

Cafe au Lait: French for “Coffee with Milk.” That’s exactly what it is at a 1:1 ratio.

Macchiato: Macchiato is an espresso stained by milk, hence the name ‘macchia’ in Italian means stain. It’s a latte with 1/3 the espresso. It’s basically coffee-flavored milk.